Valvespring Compressor (in car) needed


Too many Regals
Hey guys,

Just checking around to see who has a valvespring compressor to use with the heads on the car.

Will pay for a rental!

If not, I'm sure someone has a broken rocker shaft and an extra rocker laying around to sell me. I had a junk shaft and rocker and I guess I got rid of it!

Thanks for your help,
Call cottons. He makes a tool which is made from an old rocker and shaft and is perfect for the job. Just finished changing springs in my car. With a 3 foot extension 1/2" on one side 3/8" on the other with a 14mm swivel socket, 1/2" ratchet and 2 people the job is a breeze. Person 1 can compress springs from the front of the car and person 2 swaps springs, retainers, locks, take measurements, etc

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