vendor and/or brand for roller rockers...


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May 7, 2007
I am looking to swap to roller rockers.The current non roller setup has a cracked shaft on one side.I have a roller cam and lifters currently.. Help with a brand/vendor and ratio would be appreciated...Thanks,Todd:D
I'm using T&D 1.55's with my 206/206 billet roller along with SpeedPro roller lifters and Rollmaster timing chain. For a little more power, you could use the T&D 1.65's also, but I never plan on revving mine super high, so the 1.55's were fine for me. Just remember, you will get a little tick out of a roller motor....I'm used to it now, but it kinda makes you think twice the first few times.
T&D 1.55 should be good. or you could give a call and get a set from them.