Jan 3, 2002
Ever have one of those days:rolleyes:
I spend all weekend putting in my new convertor, tcc solinod, and front seal. I started saturday afternoon around 2pm (Thanks to my lovely wife and here insisting that I go to our new puppies first training class) . It takes me until this morning to get it all wrapped up. With literally a half hour before I leave for work, I go to drive it expecting the new convertor to make it a whole new ride and it barely moves without a ton of rpm. Looks like I won't make it to work today. I work about 35 miles away and no one else who works there lives anywhere near me. I am hopeing it is something minor so i look for codes and I have code 31. First it was caused by the vac hose on the wastegate coming off, second time it was the fuse. on my way back from the second test drive, I totally misjudge my one car garage and put a nice long scrap and dent on my passenger side door and mirror.
In my defense, I was trying to avoid the old convertor and atf fluid on the opposite side of the garage. At least I missed that :rolleyes: I am officially waving my white flag on this day:D
Alright, you got me Monday. Score one for Mondays.
I cannot be without the GN for long, need her to get me to work to pay for problems she likes to develop. Nasty little circle me and my GN have:) So I admit defeat and take it to a local tranny shop.
waiting for them to call to see what I messed up and how much $$$$$ its going to cost

I hope no one else ever has a day like this one:mad:
Sounds like the shifter pin isn't hooked up right. I did that once on my big block truck. Actually, my buddy did it, but I should have been checking his work. The truck would just barely move if I revved the wee out of it. Dropped pan, hooked pin up properly, all better. Sucks about the paint though. My friend in high school bought a nice Camaro, and before he even got to drive it, did the exact same thing. Then he tried to fix it with bondo. Not pretty.