Very Nice Headlight Bezels, 3" Aluminum MAF PIPE


May 26, 2001
Clearing out some parts that just got replaced.

First is a pair of GN headlight Bezels. I was told these were NOS 3 years before I bought them last year. They are in great condition, no warping, scratching or anything. The original owner put blackout covers on them so there are tiny marks where the velcro was taped. Maybe you can get it off, I never tried too hard. The flash on the camera picked up the marks well so no surprises.

I'll throw in the blackout covers which are also in great condition if you want them. That circle thing in the pic of the blackout cover isn't on the cover, it was something with the camera.

These Bezels are in GREAT condition $160 shipped w/blackout covers too:



Aluminum 3" MAF pipe with HD hoses.

Very light, much lighter than the Chrome one I just put on. Some scratches and a bit dirty but it'll clean up nice and is way better than the stock setup. The filter in the pics has seen better days but if you want it you can have it for $5 more shipping just because the box will be bigger.

$35 for the pipe shipped, add $5 shipping if you want the old K&N.




If that includes everything pictured (pipe, filter, hose couplers and clamps) I'll take them. PM me with info--sorry no paypal.
If above gentleman does not take the pipe, I will.....

Also, how much for the Headlight covers alone?

Mike Washington
Markers are good, I will try and get close ups of them today. I have had a lot of interest to sell them seperately. I honestly didn't want to sell them at all but will add them to the bezels to make that sale easier. They are not available without the bezels right now.
Looks like the pipe/filter and blackouts are pending payment. That leaves the Bezels. $145 shipped, markers still optional if it helps me sell the bezels.