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Oct 21, 2003
The previous owner of my TTA had a 3' DP installed and consequently, the car exhaust transmits alot of vibration. A local shop put it on a lift and showed me where the exhaust is bolted onto the body and the DP is pretty much resting on the frame.

My question is, what would be the best way to cure this problem. The shop I took it to said they could compress the DP a little and rework the mounting, but from a performance standpoint compressing the DP is not ideal.

What about a Terry Houston DP?
I would suggest the same solution as for installing subframe connectors, cut about 1-2 inches from the downpipe where it points to the pass side before turning back to the converter. That will keep it away from the frame and from SFC's if/when installed.

If that isn't where it is hitting then please describe a little better.
I have a 3" DP on my TTA and it has been dented/compressed in
many places in order to clear the frame/header. Even a compress
ed 3" DP is going to flow much better than the puny little factory
one, so I would not worry to much about it hurting the cars
performance. Do you have a flex pipe on the end of the DP ?,
it definitely helps with the vibration on the TTAs. Also, how are
the motor mounts on your car?,when you stand in front of the car
and look at the engine,is it leaning slighty to the left? Mine was,
and it had the DP sandwiched between the header and frame.
I replaced the motor mounts with the poly mounts and I gained a
1/4" of clearance all the way around the DP. If you don't want to
go with the poly mounts, you can always just replace the pass.
side mount with another factory motor mount and that will give
you some clearance around the DP also. HTH.

Thanks for the tip James. I'll check for the flexpipe, I checked the mounts and they are in good shape.
If you need the flex pipe it can be ordered from a company
called Stainless Works(1-800-878-3635),they call it a flex joint
and the part# for the 3"flex joint is AF-300-10B($95.00). When I
bought my TTA it came with a 3" one piece DP, so I got the
3" flex joint and had it welded on the end, it works great and
looks just like the factory DP which comes with a flex joint.
Doing it that way is a lot cheaper than buying a whole new 3"DP
with the flex joint on it.

Thanks again, I'll keep this on file. I can't wait - it will feel like a different car.