Vigilante 5 disc or PTC 9 1/2, what should I get?

I just have a Stainless Steel 3 Inch Downpipe.There's no leaks at or near the Racegate also.It doesn't spool like a stocker and the D5 was stalled to 3000 but I heard that 2800 was the biggest stall one could make out of the stock converter.

I doubt the 12" is anywhere near 3000. 2800 is possible but it's on the edge. Foot brake the car to 0# of boost and get a rpm reading. That will tell you what the stall speed is. It could easily be 2600 or so.
I though I would give an update on my PTC 9.5, as I finally got my powerlogger and 6.0 W/B tracking chip all setup and after figuring out how much my mph was off by using a GPS and the powerlogger I made a couple of passes. Im running a 3.23 and a 26" tall tire. So at 5460rpm the car was doing 126.5 mph, putting my efficiency right at 3.4%. I was sceptical of the low % numbers I saw, but am happy to report they are very attainable. I also backed it up with another run that shows right around 3.5%. I can't wait to get the car to the track.:cool:

We don't need no stinking lock-up:D