Viper Alarm Systems

mark b

New Member
I have a Viper alarm system in another car that will not activate after the car was jumped with a battery pack. I found a blown fuse in the alarm system which I replaced, however the fuse will immediately blow when the battery is hooked up, hence I beleive the system is damaged.

I don't want the thing in the car anyway, and I also know that sharing car alarm system info on-line is a no-no, but does anyone have ideas or possibly info on how to remove this system so it doesn't kill the starter? Can you share this info directly with me at

If you have the remote(s) to the system, and decide to sell the module/shocksensor & whatever wiring you can save, I'll give some $ for it!
I have the remotes. They look like the older style that were more square than the newer ones which were rounded. I probably won't get to this until the next vacation week which could be early October. Will keep you posted.
Thanks! If you still need some pointers on removing the thing so you can still start the car, pm me;)