Black Sheep

Sep 21, 2005
I am having trouble with Vista communicating with my C-Com/XFI through my serial to USB converter. I have downloaded a software update that is Vista friendly. I have spoke with FAST tech. dept. and he walked me through the same steps I had been trying. Comm port 3 is the only one that will say "ECU not found", the other 11 ports say "Comm open failed" no matter how I have the comm ports assigned.

I can plug up my XFI to an older laptop that has a serial port and can go online with no trouble. Until I try to calibrate my TPS sensor and the entire C-com freezes up when I try to calibrate the idle position voltage on the graph.

Oh yea and my heat pump on my house took a dump today too. :rolleyes:
A couple more Coors longnecks and try again. I don't know why the old laptop is locking up.

I know how you feel with the heat pump. The car needs another fuel pump but the storm came through a couple nights ago and wrapped the kids trampoline around the neighbors light pole, after it scraped some vinyl siding off their garage. House needs a roof now after the wind relocated a lot of shingles:rolleyes:
Well I'm use to hearing the tech people say "Well that usually works for the other guys", I heard that from Wilwood for about 7 months. By the way if anybody needs some supplies from Wilwood I have a $200 credit that I need to spend before they forget about it.

Sounds like you could use a few Silver Bullets too
At least your computer is working again. I think too much redtube locked it up:eek:

Your phone's about to ring.
If XP don't work on the new computer, go ahead and break the carb back out. We'll introduce blow thru tech to TSO. Maybe they'd let you run a 91mm with a carb:D
Best advice so far!!

I could go back to the way it was when I bought it

1050 dominator
6.5 aluminum rods
14.3 to 1 compression
and a fogger kit that was set on KILL

Hmmm ......I still have every thing but the carb........