Volt booster connect question


Aug 22, 2021
I’m going to hook up a volt booster and the connections and everything seems plug and play till a noticed the slice in the connector are different. Has anyone had this problem before or know of a solution? Thanks in advance
.....I'm not Sure, But that looks like it will connect ? Did you try Gently twisting the white sleeves a little to line up ? Perhaps a little on the black ones too?
See how the spices are different it doesn’t allow it to slide in. I’m sure the pins could be swapped out but I’m not to good with that kind of stuff
Is this a Caspers 102027 Volt booster ? Does one plug go into you TPS OK ? I'm no Expert ...... Just try'n to help , but do you have an alky system also ?
I’m no pro either just man asking a question to see if anyone else has ran into this but yea I believe it’s a Caspers