volt light in dash


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Jul 28, 2007
does anyone know how I can bypass this. My alt and battey are good and the alt is not charging the car. THe battery is band new and the alt is been checked out good. I checked and the volt light in the dash works when it wants to, so I want to bypass it and put a led and bolt some where else.
My dash had same problem after dealer worked on dash back in 1992. When i pulled cluster. you could see where dealer tech jammed test light in connector.I replaced 4 terminals in connector and it was fine after that. bypassing it will suck because if i remember right the cluster uses printed circuit board and the ground goes to other lights in cluster. I would pull cluster and check terminals and where bulb goes in make sure its clean. Or get in touch with caspers and see if he can check it out. good luck
The original light socket had a resistor across the terminals so when the light blew the alt would still charge. I'd take the cluster out and lightly sand the area where the socket seats.

I had to do that this past weekend because I noticed I had 2 dash light out. It was the connections and not the bulb.
Same thing happened to me. I'm not electrically inclined and I wasn't even sure where that little brown wire went to. I checked over my wiring diagrams and pulled the digital dash looking for problems. All I did was take a pencil eraser and clean all the contacts. Also, where the vertical plug goes in the digital cluster, I bent those tabs back out straight to make sure they would make a good connection. Problem solved. Pulling that cluster was a pain, but otherwise an easy and better yet, FREE fix.:)