Voltage Light Flickers


84gnguy really has an 87
OK..I have a new alternator,but recently the volt light will flicker when driving,stops when I let off the gas.
The volt light does not light up when I turn the key on before starting the car.
Should I check out volt light bulb and the contacts?

Thanks in advance
Key on, engine off

See if light comes on, if NOT...push in gauge cluster gently and if you see the light go on, take off your front plastic panel so you have access to the gauge cluster, and tighten the (4) screws around your gauge cluster. My bet is they are loose and the cluster is falling frontwards slightly

Try it, lemme know
Thanks for the tip.
Just tried it,now the volt light goes on w/the key after cleaning the contacts.
It still flickers while driving,but I show 14 volts
For a small time I had that same issue after I rebuilt my alternator with a 200amp upgrade kit. I still think its flickering because your gauge cluster is loose.

Congrats on getting it back on, at least you know the alternator is charging the battery now! :cool:
I noticed last night driving it the headlights will flicker in unison with the voltage light..is there something quirky with the new alternator or maybe a funky ground?
I have an adjustable volt booster and the voltage light will come on and flicker around 14.5 volts and higher.

Where are you reading the volts from, battery, ecm or lighter?
Mike,I'm reading the voltage at the battery and alternator.
I checked the voltage at idle..14 volts,but drops down to about 12.5-13 volts when revved up
Ya, my experience with the inside volt readings is that they are a tad lower than at the battery/alt. My scanmaster is off about .3-.4 in my talon and I never checked on my GN.

I would bet that if you had a scanmaster you are pushing around 14.4 and is why the lights flickering.

I also have one of those volt regs that you plug into the lighter, pretty darn close also.

You might want to find a Bowling Green volt adjuster. It allows you to adjust the volts at idle and at WOT if you want by tapping into the TPS signal. It keeps your volts close to where ever you set it. I like it around 14.2 in my GN with the occasion light flickering due to the reason above.

Turns out the alternator was bad (or actually the voltage regulator)
Doesn't drop below 13.5 when revved up and the volt light no longer flickers nor the headlights
Alternator was 2 months old and the parts store warrantied it.
Thanks to all who responded