Vortech box?


The White Blur
Jan 31, 2002
What the heck is this thing doing on my 98 silverado 350.

It doesn't look like it would do anything but heat the air up:confused:

I am looking for a little performance out of this truck and need guidence to any good websites and or some tips from the Buick community.

Any free mods?

That thing is very restrictive... Get rid of it and look through the Summit catalog for K&N or other cold air intake kits..

Just by changing that stock airbox on my cousin's truck, it made the truck run better instantly!!!! You could definetly feel it in the seat of your pants dyno...:D
Im almost sure its there to quieten down the intake noise. I pulled my box out of our 99 suburban . Now you step on it and you can hear the motor for a change. I used the top of a soup can to plug the hole and sealed it with RTV . Its invisible. I also removed the air box and exposed the stock filter. Between both i can spin the tires pretty good from stop in the big ol truck .The truck runs way better, and picked up some power. Im going to do my own cold air for it to do it right.
I would really like to keep the box there, but I also want to modify it so it doesn't rob power. I will figure out somthing for sure. I always thought that box was the vortec swirler and finally, while i was cleaning it, I thought to take a peek at it from a different angle(taking it off) and to my surprise.....not a freakin thing in there:eek: I then thought to myself..... that would only heat the incomming air.

I will G- tech the results next weekend. ;)

Is there any other free or low buck mods I can do?

Oh, I want better gas milage also;)