VSS generator for the 200R4


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Aug 11, 2001
I'm converting my dash to use standard GM gauges and was wondering what application used a VSS generator at the 200R4 trans for an electronic speedo.

Figured they switched over sometime from cable drive.........
Dakota Digital makes both the sender: SEN-01-1 and the interface box: SGI-5. Total for both shows to be ~ $110.00 or so. I have both on my S10xGN truck and they work well to drive both a 2k pulse for the ECM and a 4k pulse for the truck speedo.

I figure the 200R4 was in cars long enough to get a really VSS generator at some point. I have a 4 pole inline I could use but a real VSS would be prefered.
Sorry, this thread doesn't specifically say that but I'm trying to get a TTA VSS in the Parts Wanted section.