Walbro GSS340 Fuel Pump W/Sending unit, Double Roller, More parts


Jan 31, 2011
Got a very god condition GSS340 pump less than 5 months old on pump and sending unit bought both NEW, $130 Shipped - its in almost new condition less than 250 miles look how clean sending unit and pump is!

9 keyway adjustable double roller never been used bought it on here as a ta performance roller but doesnt say rollmaster like the newer ones say rollmaster on gear. The links on chain do say ROLON tho! it is STD. Best offer,

57# low impedance injectors $100- shipped

6.0 wideband chip for 57# inj and alky, - $50 shipped

NEW in box only opened to view never used, Auto meter oil pressure gauge carbon fiber series pn# 4721 - $50 shipped!

BRF trans - $600 shipped have 2 left they are all in perfect working condition

Good working Ac compressor, - $100 shipped

set of stock used lifter's - $20 shipped

Misc new fittings whatcha need? -8 -10

Stock oil cooler lines with oil cooler adapter - $50 shipped

Paypal is



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The coil pack/ignition module is a complete unit? Its in good working order? I'm interested if so. Is there a pic of it that i missed?
Ok DEF interested. You don't happen to have the bracket/support that it sits on and goes down and bolts to manifold do ya?
How much more would you want for that bracket too if its there? Mines broken.
Pretty much sold, but id like to see pics if you can
Price on the fuel filter. What size is the in/outlet?

Filter is PN# 12304 which is -10 in/out it has the 100 micron cleanable filter it is new never been used in the original package. i would take $80 Shipped they list over $100+shipping etc..
How much more would you want for that bracket too if its there? Mines broken.
Pretty much sold, but id like to see pics if you can

What bracket you need? the the long V type of bracket that bolts up to rear of intake? Or the metal plate that the module bolts on too?
I'll have to check and see what's exactly wrong under there. The bracket that it sits on is there, but just seems flimsy under that if ya know what i mean. That bracket is not as important to me as the coil pack so maybe i'll just stick with that for now.
Ed this thread is from 2012 i have sold most of this stuff sorry bud im trying to update the thread now.
i believe i have a spare somewhere in the shed, most probably the ign mod bracket where the module is bolted to, not sure if i have the U bracket which supports the ign module the U is the one that bolts up to the lower portion of the intake