206/210 Roller cam, Ported Irons, Fuel Tank w/ double pump


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For sale I have some extra performance parts that were removed from previous builds.

206/210 Comp roller cam complete with roller lifters, push rods, timing chain, and roller button -$475

Factory set of heads that have been ported and polished and utilized with the above cam so is set up with those valve springs, etc. Heads have bigge stainless valves and made just over 550hp with previous build and cam listed above on E85. $700

Factory GM replacement tank (still has GM stickers on it) with a Reds double pump set up Installed. I converted to Teflon lines and AN fittings in the sending unit. Great working condition and includes all wiring, hobbs switch, tank straps, etc.-$550

Classic FAST system that is complete with adaptor harness, etc. Removed from car that was returned to stock so everything was is god working order. Complete with new MAP sensor and O2, etc -$500

Brand new Deka 60lb injectors- never installed due to build going E85-$225


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Where are you located? The fuel tank would suck to ship.

Apologize for not noting that in the listing. Located in Morris, Il. I hear you on the shipping side of it, that’s why I was hesitant to post it on the forum. If interested, the tank is drop in ready was was only run with gas in it (not E85). Was removed due to the car being totaled out early in the year.
In line for heads. Where were they ported?

Heads were completed locally by someone in Chicagoland and previous owner just said his name was Tom but he was well known in the area for heads/machine work. I know that’s not a great description, but I can assure you these heads are not done in the “backwoods” somewhere and look very good.

Someone in the Chicagoland area may be able to provide a full name of the guy but I’m not 100% sure.
Had a lot of interest in the cam and heads, so I wanted to provide a little more information in regards to questions being asked.

Heads were rebuilt within the last 1500-2000 miles when the head gaskets were replaced on the motor. They are very clean and have no damage what so ever to them. I shrink wrapped them and was going to use the heads and cam on a future build. Long and short of it, I would slap them on a motor tonight as not worry about anything.

Cam is a Revolution X comp cam from Full Throttle and has matching comp roller lifters, etc. Previous owner had the cam installed at the time of the motor being built (no more than 3000 miles on it)
Interested in a package deal for the cam/kit, and the heads.

Are these parts still available?

If so, could you please send more pics to 707 362 6030

Thank you,