109 Motor RaceTech Billet roller cam BHJ balancer


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Jun 18, 2001
I have another semi-complete motor sitting here with no home that I may finish or just sell out right. It is a completely machined and fresh 109 block .010 with NIB RaceTech pistons. I got the motor in a deal with some other stuff and did not do the machine work, it is nice freshly machined and mostly complete.

I want $3000 for the 109 motor .010 bore, with the NIB custom Racetech pistons with rings and pins. The block is machined and complete and ready to assemble with a stock crank and caps and all new bearings. I have a set of stock rods which need refreshed. It comes with a bunch of stock parts, front cover GM nice, stock Intake, stock heads stripped and cleaned still need ported/machined but includes new Manley valves, also includes a bunch of parts like accessories, I believe a stock turbo core, headers, and is a mostly complete LC2. I will get more details and pics for serious buyer.

I have a bunch of parts laying around I can sell with the motor:
NEW Weber 212/206 billet roller cam and NIB Morel lifters with most of the stack up and timing chain set. $1600
A used internally balanced BHJ balancer with a stock timing ring and is a slip fit $350
I also have a NIB BHJ balancer without a timing ring, Steve V has timing rings available $400
NIB set of stock length GN1 performance rods $450

I am NOT selling the cam unless the motor is sold FIRST please dont ask unless you are buying the motor too.

I have to dig the 109 block out to get pics but it is pretty much mint and ready to assemble. I was planning to put it together with a billet caps and a stock stroke steel crank, ported irons etc. If someone were interested in a complete motor I can provide that too and can probably have it done by very early spring.