Walbro Pump and hotwire kit


Walbro pump and hotwire kit needed, my fuel pump went out and I figured it would be a good time to upgrade.

Alan in Atlanta
How about a Brand new walbro 169 pump (replaced under warranty) and racetronix hotwire kit (used but in good shape, needs one butt splice to reconnect main wire)

Pump new: 115
Hotwire kit: 40
total: 155

How about $130 shipped. Basically you get the hotwire kit for $15 and free shipping.

Red's XP fuel pump!!

The red's XP fuel pump is a very nice pump with a great reputation!

Scot W.
Back off Jack (lol). I'm trying to unload some extra fuel parts so that I can justify replacement with your full double pumper harness.

Alan hasn't responded yet, so maybe he found another alternative.
It uses an in-line adapter which plugs into the old factory harness yes?
The install kit is a 400-1016?
What is the cost of this kit?
Jack i'm not up on the numbers so you might want to Give them a call at the number in the quote.

Scot W.