Wanna buy a nice well performing turbo buick near dallas texas


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Looking for a nice and quick Turbo Regal near Dallas Texas. I want a car that runs and drives well and looks awesome. I'm not looking for a project or a dog mechanically or cosmetically. I am looking specifically for one that I can show, take to the track, and just drive on a regular basis if need be. Mileage isn't all that important as long as the car has been modified appropriately and maintained well. If you have what I am looking for or have leads to what I am looking for, please let me know.
Will try to get up with you Chad. Got any free time this week?

Anyone else know of a GN or TR near Dallas TX that might be for sale?
i have really nice 1987 GN, factory moonroof with 77,000miles.That i sent to kirban performance in PA and had it allmost completly turned into a GNX..even a dash plate that says 021.here are a couple of things.gnx ladder bar suspension,shocks,exhaust.and Darrell Kirban did all the work.he also stripped the car down smoothed it out and put a serious paint job on this car,even the bottom of the car.i have had the car in my possesion for about 2 months.i am asking 25k for the car..its the nicest one i have seen..