WANTED: 1982 Regal th400 crossmember needed

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I just bought a 1982 Regal car for racing. I'm going to be putting in the Buick 462 out of my convertible and a th400. New car only weighs 2800 lbs. or so, so it should put me in the 10's. But the car is missing the tranny crossmember.

So I need a transmission crossmember for the car. Does anyoe out there have one they'd like to sell? Just respond on this thread or PM me here.

Also, does anyone know if I can use my current headers from my a-body in the Regal chassis?

the 200 4r crossmember is what is typically used

problem is the 82 model g-bodys dont have the frame mount location to put the 200 4r crossmember on

that would need to be cut out of a newer g-body and welded in or check with aftermarket crossmember companies

I believe one place is called maximum torque
I have seen the new ones for $280. Just wondering if someone had one in their garage they weren't using. Don't know that I want to use an old Skylark one and start cutting and drilling.

Saw the "Iceman" on another board also. But I haven't heard back from him yet.
I have another option. A crossmember from an 88 Monte SS. It is for a 2004r and designed for a standard center mount (V6 cars are offset), it is also designed to bolt solidly to the frame (V6 cars have oversized holes for the rubber isolators.)
This will go in if you add the piece that Reds was talking about. G force cross members sells the bracket you would need. Email me at the_dude_nj@yahoo.com
Yea, I've seen that page. That's where I got my $280 number. Does anyone know what the "Iceman" charges for a crossmember with extension piece?
Just thought I'd let everyone know that I heard from the "Iceman". His setup is $159, including the extension piece. Guess I 'll be going that route.