Wanted: GN or GN clone, rolling or complete


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Sep 11, 2004
Want something with no rust. Looking to build a street/strip car. Have an LS1 set up for boost that needs a home.

Wouldn't mind converting a strip car back to the street or something like that. Must be clean though, don't want any junk. Cash waiting, closer to Michigan the better. Please PM or email fryguy302@gmailDOTcom
How about some thing like this as a roller set up for a small block.


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I would like to get $7500 with the trans ( 4l80 with a brake built to hold over 1000hp) or $5000 with out it. All you would have to do to put a buick engine back in it is change the pads out. It does have a fast bank to bank in it and some nice suspension on it. Anyone interrested can call me at 205-296-5151 I will answer any question you may have. The paint alone on this car was $4500 there is no way you can come close to a roller for this kind of coin.
Thanks Rusty