Wanted to Buy, and I have the cash


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I have just sold a couple of my collector Buicks, and will probably buy a prewar Buick. HOWEVER......if a mint, stock 84, 86 or 87 GN with T-tops and posi was offered to me for the right price, OR a mint, streetable Stage 2 was offered to me for the right price, I might go for it. My dream car would be a Stage 2 84 GN T-tops with Lear interior in mint condition, with the original motor also coming with the car. Email me with what you have, and what you want for it, your firm price:
Please include your phone number, and where you live.

I am going to the BCA Nationals, late July, and I'll be looking for a good prewar Buick there to buy, which will take me out of the market for the above.


89 Tta?

I have an 89 TTA and I am approaching 50 years old, reflexes getting a little too slow for such as fast toy. It was just built about 4k miles ago and the car has 38K miles. Let me know if this is something that interests you.
Thanks for the post on the TTA. These are really cool cars and I wish I could have one of them, but it is down my list a ways. Thanks anyhow. Cash is waiting for the right car!