WANTED! TTA or GN! Have cash!!!!

The Swede

-89 TTA 7 sec car
Jul 13, 2001
WANTED! TTA,Regal or GN! Have cash!!!!

Hi all!

One of my friends is looking for a TTA or a GN.

He prefers a modded one instead of a bone stock car.

Car can have some dings at the interior, body and paint.

Maximum $8000 and you should be near the coast since the car will be exported to Sweden.

Thanks for all answers and tips that can lead to a purchase!

You can answer here or private at: 021.335004@telia.com

Thank you all!
Get some cash and buy that low mile stage 2 TTA for 20k. If its still for sale I think that guy lives on the east coast. Better yet sell yours to your buddy then you buy the stage 2 :D