Warranty and Mods


Quick question...If you do mods to your car such as Cold Air intake and pulley and stuff like that does that break a warranty:confused:
Anything internal and I think the small pulley will void a warranty, but most places won't pay too much attention. Officially we're not suppose to warranty cars that have switched over to green coolant, but I've put on plenty of water pumps under warranty despite green coolant. I don't think that a cold air will void the warranty though. At least according to K&N.

if you do any mods what ever mods you do the warranty is droped off that component. like the pully the supercharger is droped and stuff like that but you have to go visit a hard up dealer to get them to take that frastic of action or hurt something really bad. the cold air system like a open cone K/N is cause for falure to a emissions test if you have a 4 gas county. my uncles put a cone and thay failed him before even hooking up to it.