Wastegate Solenoid


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well looking for a wastegate and nobody has them, what the hell is up with that? I broke my nipple off of mine and now it is junk. I guess they were discontinued in 2002, I need a aftermarket set up or if anyone has a replacement that would be great. I will pay with paypal or money order. If anyone knows of aftermarket set up could you tell me were to get it and how it's installed.Thanks for any help..Frank
If you're talking about the solenoid, I replaced mine with a bleeder valve years ago. It gave me more consistant boost along with total adjustability. I think I have a couple solenoids around here if you want to pay shipping. I also believe the 86-87 solenoid is the same as the hotair one.
will pay whatever you want plus shipping. I am also just curious did you eliminate your solenoid with this bleeder your talking about. If I really don't need it then I will get rid of it. I would like to know were you got it and how to install it if you don't mind me bothering you? Thanks Frank
I kept the electrical plug plugged into the solenoid to avoid setting a SES light but disconneted the vacuum line. The bleeder valve goes into that vacuum line and you can run it into the car if you like so you can adjust boost from inside. It cost $20 from ATR I believe. It's nice to be able to floor it and turn the valve until boost is exactly where you want it.

The solenoid creates a controlled vacuum leak which is controlled by the ECM to control boost. The bleeder does the same thing manually. I like having full control of the boost instead of the ECM.
Dude just go to the Buick Dealership
You can buy them there.
Im positive its a dealer only item.

tell them its a wastegate selenoid for an 84-85, or it may be listed as a WasteGate Switch.

if you want a part number, go to www.gnttype.org
look up The part number, under the part number section.

i think they are around $30 some dollars
cuz i cracked mine off last summer and purchased one myself.