wastegate vibration

bob brady

3 black cars
my car had the usual burble when getting off WOT. installed a SLIC, 60 lb injectors, and a high pressure (30 lb ) wastegate, and now the car shakes violently at half throttle and de acceleration! i'm told it is called waste gate bounce. can anyone tell me how to get rid of the shaking?
When I went from a stock car to the bigger turbo , ic , injectors and all the fun upgrades you see in my Sig my car did not like at all half throttle , it was like the car was telling me either slow down or mash on the gas so I can go fast . It did not like that . I hope this may help
Wastegate or blow-off valve? A blow-off valve is used to prevent the horse sneeze on a throttle lift.

Without a wastegate there would be no control of the boost level.

If it sounds like a pigeon got sucked into the engine around half throttle it's compressor surge. Like Turbo Keith said, either slow down or floor it. My car started doing it with a Te44 and 3" FMIC pipes. I was able to reduce it quite a bit by putting one of those "tornados" in the intake pipe.
Blow off valve goes in the up pipe.


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