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Jul 19, 2010
I am sure it's been asked by someone, I have the 85 T I need to replace the wastegate whats my best option? This car is bonestock I read some of these posts and not sure of the EL.Lingo what the heck is a Hot wire Like always thanks a lot you guys are good at what you do BUILD!

Ralph Everett,Wa
You could post in the wanted section "in need of wastegate" if not, I think you can use a 86/87 single port wastegate from a buick vendor. The 84/85 Hotair's came with a dual port wastegate. I know of a few members that went single port and liked the performance over the dual.

As for hotwire, that's a wire kit to be used with your fuel pump, kepts full power to the pump by getting it directly from the back of the alternator. That along with a 255lph or higher fuel pump(ex walbro or TTsupra pump)_ is a must on our cars. This should be one of the 1st things upgraded IMO.