Watch the new install progress!


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I am documenting the process of my install this time...something I should of done all along but oh well.....

Right now all I have is pics of the interior stripped down to metal, then the floorpan with Brown Bread applied and then with my wiring (most, not all of it) ran. Tomm I plan on getting the rest of the wiring in and then putting the carpet back in (after a good cleaning) and then hopefully drop the headliner and fix the buzz's and rattles up there.

Stay tuned!
I wished I could be there and have my hands on the install, theres nothing like stripping a vehicle bare and starting from scratch.
A few updated pics. I haven't gotten much done in the past several days, and will be wed b4 I can do anything again. dang holidays are getting in my way.....
If you really want to get your hands on an install, you can come here and do mine for me :)

Merry Xmas!!!
Originally posted by Kevin turch
If you really want to get your hands on an install, you can come here and do mine for me :)

Merry Xmas!!!

I will make you a deal.........You bring the car to Texas and then I can build your system ;) My job and family keeps me close to home. Merry X-mas back at ya Kevin :cool: .

More pics added, mainly of the equipment. I have gotten the center part of the amp rack built. I only had a couple of hrs to work on it today, hopefully tomm I can actually get a full day in on it.

I have the amprack assembled and test fitted. It looks good! The only thing I am going to add to what is already there is a 'top plate' since you can see behind the rack where its angled. I think it will look a little nicer that way.
I added a couple pics. Today I didn't work but about 4hrs or so. I got some small stuff done like put in the console and seat belt latches, polish the smooth black plastic and start on getting the amp rack mounted to the floor.

The pics are added to the part 2 section (as will from here on out).

Why 3 different amps?

What is your design approach going to be for the kick-pods? Are they going to replace the stock kick-panels? Are you going to move the ECM?

What kind of sub enclosure are you building and where are you putting it?
Ed: No i haven't done the roof. I hope to be able to get it done.

Dan: one amp for the sub (probably an IDMAX), one for the JL comp set, and one for the 8"ers. For my kick pods I am going to mold off of the stock kick panels/floorpan. I have just now started the prep work (put tape on the floor, cover the kicks in foil etc etc). My plan is to get the fiberglass laid tommorow and have all of fri to dry.

just questioned your amps, due to the inconsistency. most quality installers use all of the same amps for the system, with very few exception.
well, I wanted to very much. $$$ just kept me from it. My original idea was to have 2 300/2's and a 500/1. I'm kinda glad I didn't go that route now, since I'm looking at getting an IDMAX for sub, 500watts just wouldn't of been enough. MY 750 will be acceptable for it, but I would sure like 1000 going to it. :D
well I got the fiberglass mold laid today. Its looking good! Its just taking a long time to dry thanks to the cold weather. Oh well, I won't be home tomm so it will have around 36hrs to fully cure.

I have posted a couple of pics showing the mold.
Good job on the fiberglass work. Thats why I charge so much for custom kick panel pods, lots of work and lots of mess but a nice finished product when it is done.
no new pics today, I just wired up the amps and hooked up the front spkrs and played with angles to get good imaging, which it does very nicely. :D

Its sounds sooo awesome, and I don't even have them in the enclosure yet. I think I am going to LOVE these JL spkrs.
More progress on the kicks today. I got the baffles mounted in place by hotglueing dowel rods to the mold. I have also stretched 'fleece' (its actually trunk carpet from JCWhitney) over the kicks and brushed in fiberglass resin.

Pics of the kicks have been added to Part 2!