Watch your electrical connections!


I think, therefore I am??
Just upgraded my GN's DIY alky system with SMC components, but upon finishing I found I was only getting a "fluttering" 20 psi pressure from my pump! Thought my pump had taken a dump, so was getting ready to pull it and did a few more tests to double check. Turns out the connections on top of my external "Ford" (ugh!) pump had become corroded and I wasn't getting a good ground! Cleaned all connections up, coated with a dab of Automotive Goop to seal 'em up, and good to go! 60+ psi again!

No wonder my car's performance had been kinda "lackluster" lately!

Also, I just got done with my Grainger valve conversion (had an adjustable regulator) and am now going to go play! Wish me luck!