Wategate hole size for T63E w/THDP?


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I just got a new T63E and the wastegate hole is only 7/8 in big. On my 44 the hole size was 1 1/8th inch big. I told them I wanted it set up for a THDP when ordered. Is the 7/8 going to hurt or should I send it back and get it opened up to the 1 1/8th inch??
1 1/16" will be fine. both my turbos from Precision and John Craig the wastegate hole was just a hair over an 1" for the THDP.
If it is not on the car you can save a ton of time and shipping cost and just drumel it yourself. Just mark the wastegate hole so you see where not to get to close to. I would go with the 30mm for the hole on that turbo. I am going to the same turbo and will have that same size.
If you don't mind a little extra work, here's what I did, that many others have as well, and worked perfectly. Put your new turbo on. Drive the car for a week to put a 'carbon track' on the exhaust housing. Take the turbo off, the exhaust housing off the turbo and bring it to a machine shop. They'll use a milling machine to center your enlarged hole on the carbon track, rather than the existing hole. This way you can be certain that the enlarged hole will be in exactly the right place for your turbo-THDP combo. This is one of the many 'little things' that add up to better performance from your car. FWIW, I had my WG hole enlarged to 1.125" [1 1/8"] as the THDP puck is 1.350" this leaves a full circumference 1/8" to seal, when you only need 1/32" sealing surface according to Harry at PTE.

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