Water Injection



Has anybody tried Water Injection in carbed turbos. If so whats the pros +cons and how easy was the setup. thanks

Actually from what I understand this is a pretty easy install but has down-sides also. Like if you run outta water/alcohol your motor will heat up fast. same if you have a pump failure. Of course all mods have thier own set-backs. If you get the HPBooks #49 (Turbochargers) They have a whole chapter on water injection. They have all the pros and cons in there. If you are interested in it still here is a website for a company that offers complete kits.

no prob

Also check out that website if you get the chance. It will give you an idea of prices.
Found the site I was looking for. B4Black showed this site awhile ago on this. It was Water/Alky infection on it as well as other mods. The Water injection do it your self page is at the bottom of the page. Check it out. http://dawesdevices.com/
Hey guys just got HPBooks #49 (Turbochargers) in the mail today. i must say its a great read, loaded with info, well take me a couple of days totally understand it. thanks pat for the heads up yo da man
no prob

No prob with the info. I have had my copy of that book and am still finding stuff in there. They even have a pic of a carbed draw-through marine engine with intercooler. I am still trying to figure that one out.
Innercooler or aftercooler?

Actually in HPBooks they explain that innercooler and aftercooler are one in the same. But they do actually state Innercooler.