Way off topic: loser in a Grand Am


Looks slow, goes fast!
I just had one of those "I wish I was driving the Buick" moments. I was driving my Geo Prizm(no mods, never)on the 5 mile stretch of twisty roads that leads to my house when I came upon this late model Grand Am doing 50 or so (slowing to 35 in the turns). Anyway, with no cars in the way, I'll do 65-70 (50 or so in the turns). I stayed back my usual 4-5 carlengths and patiently drove behind him when he punches it (a puff of smoke and the usual smell from behind). So, I keep it in 5th and speed up to normal cruise speed. Then as the next turn comes up, he slams on the brakes. He does this the rest of the way home. In the meantime, I'm not even using my brakes, and catching him at the apex of every turn. I flip my right turn signal on to turn in my driveway and as I'm slowing down to turn, I see him turn on his flashers as he drives off. I just broke down in laughter when I realized that he was doing everything he could to keep me from passing him. If I was 20, I would have chased him down and passed him just to bruise his ego. I guess that means that I've grown up, right?
Kinda reminds me of the tool in a 3rd Gen Firebird who did a one wheel peel that sprayed slush on my minivan.