Weekend in memphis


Well last night I ran (in this order) 01 lightning. I left on 2psi and spun all the way through 2nd gear. At one point I was looking at his truck through the windsheild. Run him down and put 4-5 cars on him. Then the funniest part of the night was lined up behind a new sti and a turbo honda. I left after they did off idle almost ran over the honda past him on the shoulder and then caught the sti and put 4-5 lengths on him. The look on his face was priceless. Talked to him later and he said he saw me come around the honda and was like wtf is that. Next I ran a r6 yamaha (got this one on vid) guy almost dumped it and he lost by 4 cars.

Then today I hooked it up with the ls1. He had m/t dr, all the boltons you can put on a ls1,stall, and at least a 100shot (this one I have on vid and it is in the daytime) so you can see what happens when you call down the storm. He jumped on me then the little truck that could......... did. Beat him by 2-3 cars.

Sooooo thats

Syclone 5

mrs 0

I will get the vid of me and the ls1 posted mon or tue.