Welcomed a new member to the family yesterday


Got me another Buick yesterday it's a 84 with 60k miles on it almost all original I drove it 240 miles back home yesterday without any issues other than the previous owner forgot to tighten the radiatior hose clamp an about 10 miles in steam lol of course I was in the middle of defending to my girlfriend of why I just added another member to the family when it happened lol theses things never happen at good times so we finally make it home yesterday an I decide to go to my good friend johns about 30 min away from the house and show my new toy off at this point my girlfriend is still not sold on the new Buick so I get to show off my new baby and were on our way home and she is still going on and on about why I don't need another money pit to just work on all the time I started not feeling to good so I pull over and have her drive after a lot of the just drive conversation she drives well we take off and it has a pretty aggressive shift kit it's getting up to speed and the tires break traction she dosent wanna smile but u can just tell it fun for her well long story short this morning she went to get breakfast and I heard my car start lol
Well I guess I would be smiling after the second gear chirp.. Luck for you, the car is bone stock.... But still powerfull.. I would let drive it for a while...
Pic of new car


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