Weld prostar 10'' with slick and skinny rim and tires


Im selling a set of weld prostar rims of my GN.The rear is a 10'' rim with a mickey thompson pure slick.It looks like it only had 2-3 runs on it.The slick is bolted to the rim.The front is the skinnies with tires .No curb rash or anything.These are the pictures of the car when I brought it.I will add more tomorrow.I want to go with the 10'' stretched stock rim the only reason for selling.Anyway I cant drive the car with a pure slick.The car isn't notch and fits good.

500$ and bring one 86-87 GN rim with tire and cap.Must be in good condition.I prefer local.Ill get specs on the tires tomorrow.

If you have any of these parts and are local Im willing to trade.I have other parts and could +/- money

Turbo(te44 ta 49 pte 6262 etc anything in that class)
Transmission either a 200r4 or a turbo 400
stall convertor anywhere for 3000-3500
Complete gasket set(new)
Cam with lifers and pushrods(not stock and flat tappet)
injectors with matching chip
maf and translator
gas tank with sending unit
air dams
hydroboost conversion
Gn driveshaft of a moser ford 9'' driveshaft for a gn
ac block off plate
motor/tranny mounts
rear passanger GN tail light.
.Im in need of these parts.Even if your not interested in the rims let me know.Thanks


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