Wendys Night!!! Oct. 20. 2018


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Hey Gang,

Some of us are getting together again to talk story. And to check out the car show at Wendy's Kapolei on Oct. 20th.
Everyone is welcome to join us for coffee, talk story share ideas and meet other GN & TR owners. Bring your TRs!!
So far we got Rex,Bucky,Lee,Jenat,Rusty and me. And ???? Please post / reply here if you'll be joining us.
Looking forward to see all you guys again. And the NEW mods you did to your cars.

Bucky just called me with the details. I’m in!!

6pm is good enough to get an early spot or block of spots.

Corvette and Mopar guys show around the same time but there is space.
Getting the car out and cleaning up. Looking good for tonight.
I’ll be towards the rear of the Costco lot after I get gas... planning 6pm.
Think some folks will be over in the Home Depot lot across the intersection- either way we can roll over to Wendy’s around 615.