Were is the PCV Valve At?


Jan 15, 2006
Hey just a question dose the 85 GN have a darn PCV valve if so were is it. I always thaught they were on the pass. side valve cover?
Yes it has one! The Pcv valve is located on top the intake manifold on the drivers side in the back.. It sits in a rubber o ring, so careful when you remove it. If its been there awhile the whole rubber o-ring might come out with it when you try pulling. Usually theres dirt and debris around there and you dont wanna get that down that hole into the intake and into the engine! Good luck! :)
If you look at these 2 links (they're both in the sticky at the top of the forum, "basic hotair info") you can see where the PCV valve is

this one has it labeled, and shows it with the valve installed:


This one doesn't have it labeled, and doesnt show the valve installed, but is a little less cluttered, so may be easier to visualize. I think the hole where the PCV valve goes is the one right at the end of the arrow for the number "9"


hope these help. I asked the exact same question a few days after getting my first GN last year... was doing the spring cleaning and couldnt find the darn thing!