were should my car be


Jun 17, 2004
Hey guys i know people ask this alot but roughly where do you think i should be at as far as HP and E.T.. I have never ran the car before and it pushed 400rwhp with 21 psi on a mild tune. I know i need a new intercooler but looks like i don't have the funds to get one right now. So how much farther can i go with the stock intercooler. The 400 hp was before the ported intake, and with stock exhaust manifold. Sorry for all the questions but should i stick with stock exhaust manifold or ATR's with my combo.
In order:

Low-mid 11's depending on traction (best guess)
Flush out the intercooler and then get a duttweiler neck and you'll be amazed
there are people running in the 9's with the stock manifolds, just make sure all the cracks are fixed.
Well, physics says 400 average rwhp and 3800 lbs going down the track is a 12.3. Depending on the dyno, tuneup on the dyno vs at the track, and traction, I'd believe anything from 11.9 to 12.5. The ATR tubular headers have bigger tubes than stock and will hurt spoolup but help the top end. On the old gnttype mailing list several people said that low to mid 11's was where you would start to see a drop in et by switching to them. I put them on my car way back when with a stock turbo and they KILLED spoolup, but it did feel better at 75+ mph :). I'd say you are right in the grey area so you probably won't see much change in et at all, but if you keep doing more mods and get faster, then they will help more and more. Yes, people have gone 9's on the stockers (most likely ported and welded on), but I have to believe that at that level they would have gone faster with atrs or the ta headers. The 5 or 6 local cars that I'm familiar with, including mine, which went to front mounts all picked up 4-6 mph and .4-.6 seconds, starting anywhere from 13.3 to 11.7 and with various stock, dutt-neck stock, or stretch stock location intercoolers. To me that is about the best bang for the buck considering how easy they are to install.
Thanks guys i guess for now i will keep the stock manifold and save up for an intercooler. Right now im just looking for a solid 11 sec car. Untill i get more money:D . It is my daily driver also.