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I had been looking at older regals and considering these lights for a bit....what do ya'll think, my friends were at least a little skeptical before i put them on, but now they all like it...and I certianly stand out from the other buicks...


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I could never get rid of my stock GN tail light (the more black, the better!), but those do look very clean.
Once blacked out with some spray tint I think they could look good. Nice to see a different mod though.
They look nice. Not all that different from stock, but still unique. I wouldn't dream of tinting my tail lights. Personally, I LOVE how the red goes so nicely with the black. Same with the headlights...wouldnt tint them because they look very clean with the all black backdrop. I love the blackness of the GNs but they do need some contrast. JMO...
actually they have the dupont special done to them already...I do love the sinister black look, but I wanted to do something cheap that I had never seen before....I want to get clear headlight covers, I dont like the blacked out lights look...I think it would be neat to get the clear front parking lights too, like some of the other 80s buicks had...I think the regal wagon had them...