What 4th gen suspension parts swap onto a TTA? ---


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I thought I read somewhere that some of the 4th gen suspension parts swap onto the TTA's.

I have an adj panhard rod, lower control arms, lca relocation brackets, and a bmr adjustable torque arm (for a 6 speed if that matters) on my 96'z28 that I am about to sell.

The springs and shocks are different right? ( I have coilovers, a strut brace, and bilsteins )

If I can swap off the parts I would love to :) ... thanks for the help ---
I bolted in a set of 2002 rear lower control arms in my 89 camaro.They were the same size and already boxed.I dont know about the pan hard bar.it should be the same.the torque arm may need a differant crossmember but the rear where it bolts up is the same. good luck