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I was out this evening trying to dial in the GN. It seems every time I runt the car, the INTs, BLMs, IAC seem to change a moderate amount. I get to this light and I'm flipping through the various scanmaster readings and I hear this blip of a throttle and what is next to me? A freaking ZR1! Oh man have I been waiting for something like this as I haven't had a race in ages. The ZR1 sounded good too. It had an aftermarket exhaust of some sort, it was definately louder that the usual stock type V8 sound. Hurredly I basically tossed the scanmaster back into the console (I like to keep it as out of sight as possible to not tip anyone off.) and began to stage as the cross traffic lights go to yellow. I look over and he and his girlfriend are kind of chuckling to themselves:rolleyes: until the whistle starts to build and he looks over with this sort of gaping look on his face. I think at that moment he knew that something wasn't quite right. :confused:

Now I'm on street radials, 93 unleaded, 17 psi and I'm trying to build just enough boost to not blow the tires away when the light turns green. He launches the same time as me and pulls an instant ½ car length for about the first 30 feet. I hook hard as the boost swings skyward only to start hazing the tires through first while passing him. He was looking right at me with his mouth hanging wide open as second gear keeps the tires spinning while pulling ahead of his front bumper. Third gear hits hard enough to cause my foot to back off the throttle and I plant it again. Now in my mirror I see my slightly rich exhaust flowing over his hood as he is furiously rowing through the gears trying to make up the distance. :eek: (got to lean it out a hair next time) I hit 4th and he drops back big time, throwing in the towel. :p Good thing I think, as I had a ZR1 in 95 and they do have a wicked top end.

About another half mile up, I've already slowed down expecting to get stuck at an upcoming light and here is where the funniest part is. He gets next to me, rolls down the window and tells me that was the coolest thing that he has seen in years. He then says that his girlfriend warned him not to run, her previous boyfriend had a GN that wasn't stock and she was laughing at him for thinking he was going to win. :D (that's my kind of woman!) He admitted he was shocked and asked if I would pull over so he could see what under the hood looked like so we pulled into the gas station across the intersection and proceeded to have a cool conversation with them. At last, a good loser. ;) Actually i was pretty impressed with his ZR1, It was exceptionally clean, stock except for an exhaust which neither one of us knew what it was, he said it was on the car when he bought it. The last comment he made was that sooner or later he was going to get a GN or TR , he was now officially in love. That's when the girlfriend pipes up and tells him that when he gets it, it had better be for her...... he spends too much money on himself. (oops, the great girl image was just flushed down the toilet:eek: )

Another opponant is introduced to the dark side!

Originally posted by Wolfj359
Why don't you let us in on some of your mods Joe? Didn't stock ZR1's run about 111-112 in the 1/4?

Yeah, my ZR1 ran a best mph of 111.44 and it was bone stock. Most of the time it was right at 110. As far as my mods, I suppose i should add them to my sig. Here are a few things...

Ported irons, Ported intake, 206/206 cam, Poston's headers and crossover(ceramic coated), Jet Hot coated 3" downpipe, 3" exhaust with 2 ultraflows, Red stipes, ATR 7th, Lubrant chips, Ram air, big neck IC, TB heate bypass, yada..yada..yada....
lots of little things that probably don't add much.
What was wrong with the ZR1? He should have beaten a Stock 86 without too much trouble.

Must not have been a good driver, but they all count anyway.
Originally posted by Dan Thompson
What was wrong with the ZR1? He should have beaten a Stock 86 without too much trouble.

Must not have been a good driver, but they all count anyway.

Re-read the entire thread........."Stock ;) " means it's far from it. But aren't all of these cars stock? :rolleyes: