What A Loooooooser


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May 25, 2001
I was down at my shop working on my car and decided to make a few test runs before parking it. I made two runs and was adjusting my fuel pressure when this pud in a Nova stops and asks if I'd like to run. I told him no I was just doing some test and tune runs.

Well, he says he'll give me the jump from a dig. I told him na I'm just getting ready to go home and then he gives me some smart remark...I told him to get it up and I'll give you the jump.

I beat him by about three car lengths and he asks for a rematch, he said he had problems...I told him I was done for the day and put my car in the shop. The guy is still spouting off, then pulls another burnout and blasts off down the street.

I watching this pud taking off when a cop shoots by me at warp 10 with all the bells and whistles going. It's nice to know they are on duty.


Dang this guy sounds familiar. What did the Nove look like? I ran into a similar guy in a crappy blue Nova that sounded like it had a gear drive, was burning a little oil and idled crappy. :rolleyes: Same guy? It sure was the same result. :D
It was in prime...like a 71 or 72, 355sb, mini tub, Weld drag stars with Goodrich Comp TA's. Looked like he had the start of a nice hot rod...it was doing a little popping, I think he needed to spend some time at his shop before he goes out hunting.

I haven't seen him around the area before...maybe he just aquired the car, his driving left a little to be desired...mine too!!!
I bet when that cop gets done with him that paint job will have to wait. When I drove past them in the company truck I gave him the old thumbs up.

There is a nice Nova across the street from my shop at the body shop getting the hood cut for a big boy blower...looks pretty nice purple with flames. I'm not sure what's in it for a motor, but it's pure pro street. It belongs to the guy that own's T&P Interlocking Paver Company. Man I thought I had a pretty good year last year, he told me they did over 12 mil gross. I think I might be able to get the business to buy me a nice Buick pro street if I was doing that kinda volume.