What a pleasant surprise!


Finally a weekend with little plans and a chance to catch up on chores etc.
On a break I grab a stack of magazines that are behind on reading. Hot Rod,
GMHTP, etc. I'm flipping through GMHTP (GM High Tech and Performance) and
wow nationals coverage from Bowling Green - cool! Then the kicker, my 84 T-Type Hot Air plates
is pictured on page 71 Jan issue.

bye, Ed

-- 84 T-Type WH1 15.4@89 bone stock original - runner up B-5 GS nats 2004
-- 87 T 14.1@97 stock daily driver
-- 87 GN bone stock original - 399/400 points BCA senior gold 2005
-- 03 GSX 14.9@93 bone stock daily driver :D