What all can you put Alki in?



i have a POS TA,, currently has a stock 305,, gimme 6 months and ill have a 355 vette engine in it..well anyways....can i make that alki injected??? or is it just for V6 turbo cars?? im clueless on this subject,, anyhelp??
The way we use alky won't help you. We use alky as a suppressant from detonation. In other words we can run more boost without preignition. This works for turbo or supercharger applications.
how does it suppres detonation? there any sites i can go to in order to learn how this works?? always room for knowledge!...plus i plan on owning a GN in the future...hopefully by the time im 19...wait thats a year and 2 months.......damn i need money
Can't say it would be completely worthless, it would help supress detonation in any internal compustion engine. The problem is that if you are not running any boos you won't see nearly the same increases in performance that you would see in a boosted car.
Alcohol lowers the cylinder temps which is how it quenches detonation, that allows us turbo guys to run more boost untill we finally get very slight amounts of detonation and then turn the boost down just a tad, that translates to increasing the HP of the engine greatly by running tons of boost safely just as if you were running race gas, but at a fraction of the cost.

I suppose he could run more timing. Use a nitrous throttle switch to activate.