What boost controller is this?


Mar 15, 2013
So this was on my car when I bought it. It's easily adjustable and works well. The question is what exactly is it, I think an ATR boost valve? Also, how does it compare in function to the RJC?

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its an industrial "flow control" needle valve set up as a bleeder. The RJC or similar type might give slightly faster boost rise depending on your setup, but I'm not sure it would be noticable.

it looks like the hose has seen better days, better trim it back, or better yet, replace it.

Thanks Bob, lots of older parts on my car. It obviously is adjustable but I was curious if RJCs would respond quicker? Yes, shameful vacuum line.... especially considering I have new to replace it with

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The RJC may work a little better. It is supposed to keep the gate from partially opening before the desired boost setting is reached. The RJC is a little more cumbersome to adjust since a hose must be removed in order to change desired max boost. That one is just a quick turn of the knob. If it works as well as you say it does, I'd leave well enough alone.

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there is a lot of misunderstanding about how the ball-and-sping boost "controllers" work.

note: none of these gizmos "control" boost, the wastegate does that. These things "adjust" boost....

anyway, the ball-and-spring units do slightly delay the wastegate opening point, just a little more than the bleeders do. Im not sure how much you would notice.

Note also, Lorenz racing has a ball-and-spring unit that adjusts with a knob.

Well this one seems to work well as far as "adjusting" boost levels. I have idea if it helps boost come up faster or not, it's always been on my car. I did order an RJC unit, guess I'll find out the differences.

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