What can cause raw fuel to exit from the dump pipe?


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Nov 9, 2007
As stated what can cause fuel to leak out of the dump pipe....I`ve been trying to track down a low blm reading and the car idles funny like a vac. leak...but no leak...thanks
Yep, I had fuel spray out the side of the header when I accidentally pinched the injector harness under the rail when I bolted it back down. Unplug injectors one by one to find it quickly.
thats what i thought so i had them cleaned by Chuck Leeper...from the paper work i got back them seemed ok...what is my second option before i fire it up? i dont want to start it until i have some clue on whats going on...
i also checked the harness..no pinch..this is a aftermarked harness from Casper i bought long time ago...it looked ok
raw fuel

Look real close above EGR, when it heats up wire will get soft sag and ground on bare spot. It might not be real visible.
If you had them cleaned they should be operating fine, but you can check between the pins on each one with an ohm meter. Should be around 16 ohm for high impedance ones, and around 3 ohms for low impedance if the coil is ok. You can also put a test light on the 12 volt side of each injector harness plug and check the ground side. If any light up either the harness is grounded somewhere or an injector driver is bad.