What can I do w/ an 87-90 T-type?


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Dec 31, 2005
What mods have you guys done, to make these late model buick t types a tad quicker? Would anything like a better filter/hi-flow cat/cam do anything to a series one N/A engine? Are there any chips out there for these cars? Or are they soo crappy, that none of the above will even matter. I have to get another car for work, and it has to be a fuel efficient model, as I may be doing quite a bit of driving here in 2 months. I'd prefer it to be a buick of some sort. If during my searches, I find that a used Aveo will be more efficient overall, Ill just get one of those, but if the difference is neglible, ill get either a newer regal, or an older lesabre/century/skylark t type. and if i get an older buick, i want it to be a little more peppier.

Anyone modify theirs at all?