What Chip?


Jan 15, 2006
Hey guys i just put a set of them Comp Cams 980's in my car and now i cant run 15 PSI of boost with out alot of knock, im running the 91 Poston chip stock turbo aftermarket fuel pump fuel reg. boost gauge tach, I have been told the poston chips are junk is this true? what chip should i get? turbo tweek caspers what? please let me know what everyone has in theres and what has made there car come alive.
not sure about the poston chip but i know that my turbo tweak chip is awesome! With this chip it runs and idles extremely smooth and the car rips under WOT. Ive had about 4 different chips in the car and this one blows them away.
but thats just my 2 cents
well 2 cents helps me, what other chips have you had. how much boost are you running im wanting to run about 15-17 on 91-92 gas let me know alittle about what you have done so i cna tell if i want this chip
All of my mods are in my signature. A few other chips i used to run were PTE,Hypertech,Street Lethal, and the stock one. I used to be able to only run about 14lbs of boost before my car would knock. I bought an alky kit and had my turbotweak chip put in at the same time so i cant compare it directly to the other chips, but i do know that it runs smoother for sure.
hope that helps a little
precision turbo makes the chips for postons the real old one are joe lubrant burned and i dont know who is doing it now since joe has broke away for his own company but it is still precision turbo
which head gaskets are you running with those mods and stock hotair turbo i ran 17#s no knock with felpros and when i blew them from no re- torque i switched to the stock gm steel shims and could only run 15 that was on 94 octane you also have to remember if your only running 91 octane your not really gonna get much more out of it with out knocking on a hot air car just my opinion if your looking for more boost you might want to go down the alky path soon
How much timing does it have? For 91 octane most chips have 17-18 degrees. I also vote for the turbotweak chip. Mine has more timing in first and second gear and backs off a few degrees for third and fourth where there's more load on the motor.