What could be wrong???


pimp romeo
May 31, 2001
Dammit! Today when I was driving to work, I noticed that my tranny seemed to be hesitating to shift into overdrive. It did shift just took a while. Well I thought nothing of it so when I was driving home from work, The same thing, just this time it woudn't even shift into overdrive at 70 Kph(40 mph). So I drove out of the way so that I could drive 90Kph on the highway, and it wouldnt shift into OD!:eek: So When I turned on to my street which was just around the corner, the damn car would not shift out of first. Does anyone have any Idea what it could be? Is it my tranny?
Oh yea, when the car was not shifting into OD after work, my SES light came on. I scaned it when I got home, and it read code 32? Isn't that the EGR valve? Please help. :(
yes code 32 are these
1)faulty egr valve to ecm connection
2)plugged egr passages and or sticking egr valve
3)bad egr valve
4)bad ecm
these came from malfunction codes on gnttype
AND, it does sound like yer tranny just puked. Check the fluid level. If it's WAY WAY low, it could cause your symptoms.

ALSO, check the TV cable to see if it's stuck!
But see, i just took my father for a ride in the car and what do you know, it was shifting again. It did sound a little strange though but it was shifting. I checked my fluid exactly one week ago, and it was fine. The car went into reverse fine and drive fine, but it wouldn't shift. ????????