what do i do with this chip i have ?????


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Jan 27, 2009
i have a chip that was in the glove box i know its different than the stock one when i change it what else do i have to change or could i use it on my stock moter thanks eric
Post any info on the chip, but the best thing to do is to call a chip burner and get a new one burned so you know what is going on. Get a scan tool.
so that chip was made for a specific setup of other performance parts that are probaly not on my car lol iss that whats up ok chip says on silver sticker delco bbkj9464 please let me know thanks eric
That is a stock chip, check your computer to see what is in it.
im shure its different i just sworn when i put this chip in it ran different also i had rod bearings going out at the time and i could hear in knocking like crazy may have been sparkknock tho i will see whats in the car know mabey u can tell me what i have in it ill be right back
hey my other chip says delco dnn 2263 whats that one lol thanks eric
Is your car an 85? The BBKJ won't work in an 84-85 ECM. It's an 87 stock recall chip.

Chips won't cause rod knock, that's another issue. Your DNN is a stock 85 chip.