What do I need to make my 2004r live? Bruce?


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Mar 26, 2002
Well, I got my 2004r today, I got a CZF out of a 88 Monte SS with a D5 converter. I feel I paid a great price considering what others say they pay. Got it for 211.47 with tax. A steal I believe. Though not a BF, should be easily upgraded with the proper parts since I got one of the preferred valve bodies.

Now for the next thing. I want to build this tranny to live behind my 500 hp/tq 454 in my 66 Chevelle. What parts will I need to get to make it live. I have looked on Bruce's website and see a few parts I prob need such as the True roller package RSA-1, GN or billet servo, .570 boost valve, shift kit, governor, but what else do I need? I want to build it myself since I like doing my own stuff if possible. I'll have my motor done by the middle of next month so it is time to start planing on what I will need to go through the tranny. So help me out, I only wanna build it once, so I wanna do it right!

Thats easy.... MONEY!

You are on the right path. And...:). You did VERY well on that CZ!! I would have paid that in a NY second!!
As for your direction, weight is going to be your enemy. Save up , do it right the first time , even if you spend more than anticipated as you will be much better off in the long run. Billet parts are in the cards thats for sure.
Will stock work? Well , yes maybe...but for how long, and at what cost then ?

Lemme know..... BT

You dont need a govenor.
The cz one you have is just fine. Maybe a gear but thats nothing. what rear gear is in the Chevelle?
I have a 12 Bolt 3.73 posi in it. The weight of the car when I last had it on the scales was 3680. I figure it will be expensive but I have spent money and done the engine and 12 bolt right, so I am not about to think cheap on the tranny. This is gonna be my daily driver so I want it to last.

I will definitely be using PTS Extreme parts because I want it to last.

Speedo will be easy. You use the green gear it has and a 30 tooth blue which it should have. You are set there. Boy that was easy...:D
And you have the perfect core to start with, Perfect!